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Introducing the CCPB “mini-blog”

Just a quick one today – to supplement (but not replace) the Coffee & Cake, Pizza & Beer blog, I’ve started a ‘mini blog’, which contains links to interesting things (articles, opinion pieces, news stories, and the like), which I think you might enjoy. You can find it on the right of of all the pages on this website. Look! It’s over here somewhere!! ——————>

It’ll probably be stuff that I have read and enjoyed or found interesting, but maybe not have the time to write a full blog post about. It means you’ll be able to have a read at some other stuff whilst you browse this “wonderful” website! Don’t say I don’t treat you.

Readers of Bad Science will recognise this feature – yes, it’s an absolute rip off of Ben Goldacre’s mini-blog, which features on the Bad Science homepage. So sue me.

Hope you enjoy it. If you’ve got any suggestions, let’s hear them – head on over to the “Contact” tab at the top of the page, or just click here .



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Top Time-Killers – the ultimate, ever-expanding, all-consuming, but hopefully-not-PhD-ruining list

We’ve all been there – you’ve got some time to kill.

Maybe you’ve got a centrifuge spinning for half an hour, or you’ve got an analysis running on some huge data set, or you’re FACSing and you’ve no idea why you’ve got to hang around, or you’re waiting for some epic tiled Z-stack on the confocal, or you’re waiting for you undergraduate to fail at what ever they’re doing, or you’ve come back from lunch and you’ve got a coffee break with a friend in 15 mins. Whatever. You’ve got some time that you can’t really do anything useful in, but you need to fill it with something.

Sure, you could clean your desk. You could read a paper. You could start writing your thesis. You could go on Facebook again.

But work isn’t everything, as CCPB should know. So when you’ve got some time you need to fill whilst you’re doing some menial task, do something enjoyable. Here’s a few suggestions, some from my own experience, some recommended by friends, and some just plucked from the top of my head.

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